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“The Dunedin Jazz Club presents monthly jazz concerts on Saturday nights at Hanover Hall. Featuring a grand piano, excellent acoustics, multi-tiered seating and a cash-bar, our venue provides local audiences with the perfect environment to appreciate improvised music. Typical concerts feature solo artists from around New Zealand, who collaborate with local musicians to present concerts for a variety of jazz ensembles, ranging from small combos to Big Bands.”

Club Director, Bill Martin

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May 21: Getting Funk with Albert!

The Dunedin Youth Jazz Orchestra and Piecemeal

The May edition of the Dunedin Jazz Club features the innovative sounds of the Dunedin Youth Jazz Orchestra (DYJO) directed by Bill Martin, as they explore a range of repertoire from the contemporary jazz idiom, incorporating elements of rock and funk into the mix! Centre stage for this performance will be long serving guitarist, Albert Baeumer, a player with lightning fingers on the fretboard and a funky comping style well-suited to the modern repertoire of this exciting Big Band.

The reputation of the Dunedin Youth Jazz Orchestra continues to grow in their hometown with a series of inspiring performances in 2021. For this concert, the house band of the DJC will premiere their director’s new piece “1978”, an composition in 7/4 that explores the various rhythmic possibilities of this time signature, blending rhythmic and harmonic elements of Afro-Cuban montunos, classical counterpoint and jazz. The DYJO will also perform new repertoire by Steely Dan (“Peg”) and Florian Ross (“Doors Closed”), as well as a variety of contemporary jazz tunes from their back catalogue.

As a selective jazz orchestra, the DYJO showcases the best young improvising talent in Dunedin. Now in its third year, the group boasts an impressive array of soloists, including Isaac Randel (tenor), Jayden Jesudhass (alto), Jack Ta (alto), Finn McKinlay (trombone), Albert Baeumer (guitar), Tobias Devereux (trumpet), as well as cameo appearance from Ralph Miller (trumpet). The DYJO also features the best young rhythm players in town, including drummer Erik Dekker, bassist Jekira Brophy and pianist Matthew Tait, all of whom are studying degrees in music at the University of Otago.

Providing support on the night will be Piecemeal, a Dunedin-based instrumental jazz group that showcases potential of local jazz musicians to develop their own arrangements and original sounds. Personnel includes Peter Claman (trombone), Rowena Rushton Green (saxophones), Finn Butler (piano), Regan McManus (bass) and Ryan Finnie (drums) The band’s sound has an emphasis on improvisation and communication, strongly influenced by Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and with elements of “math-rock” and noise. 

The band has existed under various names as far back as 2007 when it was formed as a Logan Park High School chamber music group. It has existed in its current incarnation for the past three years, practising in a converted classroom in King Edward Technical Court. In 2021, Piecemeal recorded their self-titled EP live in King Edward Technical, taking advantage of reverb offered by its cavernous hallways and tolerant tenants. 

Note: The Dunedin Jazz Club is a licensed music venue that has a cash bar. Patrons are encouraged to wear masks when purchasing drinks or when seated. Patrons may need to show identification when purchasing drinks.


7:15 Doors Open

7:45 Piecemeal

8:30 Interval

8:45 The Dunedin Youth Jazz Orchestra

9:45 Finish

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The Dunedin Jazz Club is a not for profit community initiative that is hosted by the Dunedin Youth Jazz Orchestra.

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Hanover Hall, 65 Hanover Street, Dunedin Central, Dunedin 9016

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